complaint against

How to File a Complaint Against an Insurance Company

29 June , 2019 | Insurance ,
In accordance with the Insurance Consumer Protection Principles issued by the Saudi Central Bank... More »
Third-Party Motor Insurance

The Difference between Comprehensive & Third-Party Motor Insurance

27 June , 2019 | Insurance , Vehicles ,
After purchasing a new or a second-hand car, the next important step is to... More »
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How Does a Credit Card Work?

04 December , 2018 | Banking services , Credit Cards ,
A credit card can be described as a short-term finance from the bank issuing... More »
المؤسسات المالية غير المرخصة

Risks of dealing with unlicensed financial institutions

12 September , 2018 | Banking services , Finance , Financial education ,
The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has taken many measures to protect citizens and residents... More »
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Do You Know the Difference between Various Bank Card Types?

12 September , 2018 | Banking services , Credit Cards ,
There is a relative similarity between various bank cards in terms of look, purpose,... More »